SBE is a podcast about the pleasures of spontaneous linguistic discovery — virtually the only thing Sasha, Mitya, and Taras have in common, excluding a complete lack of relevant academic training


Alexander Dubov

Despite the years spent researching, writing papers and earning a degree, Sasha to this day can’t find his proper place between various activities and countries. Takes a role of the doubting and thus the slow one in SBE crew

Dmitry ‘Mitya’ Karelin

I spend three quarters of my time teaching humanities to EFL students in Moscow and the remaining quarter living up to my obligations as a model humanitarian with SBE, that is showing pristine ignorance in things that matter and stupefying stubbornness in things that don’t. In particular, refusing to write this in third person

Taras Molotilin

Every podcast needs “the other guy” — a person who trades hard skills, knowledge, and experience for an unhealthy amount of enthusiasm. When Taras isn’t doing that at SBE, he’s most likely teaching kids science or tinkering with some data in Python