19: PAL SECAM (feat. Arina Turkatenko and Sergey Komar)

Open Road Game

Massive spoilers ahead!

Cryptic Crosswords: I

Stinger first to reach drink [4 letters]

Keep an eye on wrist band [5 letters]

Drug, one fueling a short run [7 letters]

West End is strangely seen [9 letters]

Even Abel won’t make a mark [4 letters]

Friendly milk from East Rochester [7 letters]

Cryptic Russwords

Ничто, посещая смущенный Мурманск, рубит дрова [5 букв]

Пока говорит негромко, исправь-ка, наш взволнованный чешский литератор [5 букв]

Ах, ударь во все стороны, после старта свалился бесчувственный [6 букв]

Cryptic Crosswords: II

Very sad unfinished story about rising smoke [8 letters]

Drink after drink, one attempting to lift another [9 letters]

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