7: Glowing Fruit Red

Follow Up

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    Father Mapple rose, and in a mild voice of unassuming authority ordered the scattered people to condense. “Star board gangway, there! side away to larboard- larboard gangway to starboard! Midships! midships!”

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Phonosemantic Game


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  • Table 6 from the paper by Susanne M. Arthur:
    Term Translation Earliest Occurrence
    rauðbleikr reddish — красноватый late 13th century
    rauðgulur red-yellow — красно-желтый 14th century
    brandgulur fire-yellow — огненно-желтый mid-17th century
    gulrauður yellow-red — желто-красный early 18th century
    oransjegulur, orangegulur, óransíugulur orange[fruit]-yellow — апельсиново-желтый late 19th century
    gulleplalitaður golden-apple-color — золотисто-яблочный цвет early 20th century
    gullrauður golden-red — золотисто-красный mid-20th century
    appelsínugulur orange[fruit]-yellow — апельсиново-желтый mid-20th century
    glóaldinrauður glowing-fruit-red — красный, как сияющий фрукт (апельсиново-красный) 1966
    appelsínurauður orange[fruit]-red — апельсиново-красный mid-20th century
    appelsínulitur/appelsínulitaður orange[fruit]-color — апельсиновый цвет 21st century?
    dökkgulur dark-yellow — темно-желтый 21st century?
    ljósrauður light-red — светло-красный 21st century?

    (the final three examples appeared only in the survey)